• Budget 2017

    Fuelled for the Future

Maori Development

Maori Tourism – Te Tapoi Ararau

$10M funding to create new employment opportunities for whanau in Maori tourism.  The funding boost is to extend the existing support to build capability and capacity of Maori tourism operators with a specific regional initiative for the East Cape/Bay of Plenty region.

Maori Language and Culture

An extra $21M of funding to support a number of initiatives focusing on te reo and culture including funding for Kohanga Reo; funding for broadcasting agency Te Mangai Paho and funding to support Te Matawai to lead language revitalisation.

Maori Land Service

Funding provided for establishing phase one of the Maori Land Service to provide core services for Maori land owners. It will hold the Maori Land Registry, provide dispute and mediation services and support for decision-making over land options.

Whanau-Centred Initiatives

Additional funding for the continued operation of Whanau Ora to support whanau-centred family violence initiatives and support for the Rangatahi Suicide Prevention Fund – Oranga Rangatahi