• Budget 2017

    Fuelled for the Future


The cornerstone of this budget, making New Zealand fit for the future. $4 billion is a massive amount compared to anything in decades, along with plans to invest further.

$9.17b on state highways

Our roads have, for too long, not been reflective of a modern first world economy. The spending will link cities to regions, but equally and importantly will provide an economic boost to many.

$436m on Auckland rail

An economically productive Auckland benefits all of NZ

$548m on NZ Rail

Pales in comparison, especially as 98m goes to Wellington. Looks like roading wins out in this budget

Economically we believe that this infrastructure investment is welcome and overdue. This will allow New Zealand to grow and mature as an economy and as a country.

Housing Supply

With population growth and increased immigration there’s $205m for social housing, but there is also a serious need for more housing stock.

So there’s $100m on new capital funding and a promise for much needed housing in Auckland (especially given the infrastructure initiatives), but we need more detail here!

EQC Levy increased, the cupboard is bare!