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It’s one thing for us to tell you how we can help your business, but we want you to hear from some of our valued clients who share with us how BDO have helped them.


Having Paul BDO involved with the numbers made it all very slim-lined for me, stress free, peace of mind. Since BDO has been involved with us, and our business coach, we have grown probably ten-fold. Every year has been sort of 30-40% growth.

Having Paul (Manning) there, with BDO, has kind of given us the confidence to grow and to employ more people.

Ngamanawa Incorporation

We had some challenges around our reporting standards. There was some unintentional legislation that got imposed on Maori incorporations and how we should report was really confusing. I found the way Donna (Taylor) and her team were able to really guide us through that and get on top of it and make sure that we were reporting correctly, but also without compromising BDO’s integrity or our own, that was impressive.


The big assistance that Paul Manning gave us was actually in strategy and planning. It just goes to show the importance of having a third party who knows your business and makes sensible suggestions and asks good questions. Just one question this year saved us $56,000 and just got us out of a real situation, so it’s really valuable having someone who knows what they’re doing.


Much of BrewBus’ success has come down to the passion and drive of Lavina and Katy, and winning big at the New Zealand Beer Awards’ 2019 was no less than the pair deserve. However, BDO played an integral part in taking the business to a national level and allowing the BrewBus owners to focus on what they do best - getting beer fans to the best breweries Aotearoa can offer.

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