• Business Development

Business Development

BDO Gisborne offers the following business development programmes: 


Business Cases, Planning & Investment

Designed for people and entities with the desire to invest in strategic planning for their business.  Clients may be wanting to grow a business concept, source investment, improve business direction, or secure their business through succession.

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Small Business Coaching

Designed for businesses more than a year old, where the owner is looking to develop their business management knowledge.  Specifically, for businesses targeting turnover of less than $200,000 pa, and who employ up to five staff.

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Small Business Start-up Coaching

Designed for businesses under one year old, and with owners/managers who are new to business management and who are targeting less than $200,000 turnover pa.  Designed to focus on a mentoring approach to small business management and strategy.

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Succession Planning for the Future

Designed for farm owners with the desire to secure the future of their farm through succession and exit planning.

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Accounting & Business Systems

Designed for business owners and managers looking to improve their existing accounting systems or considering moving to a new system that better meets their business needs. Specific focus on improvements and technology and accounting systems to create efficiencies in the owner’s business. 

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Xero Development & Training

Designed for businesses moving to/or currently using Xero who require professional support and training to get more out of their Xero accounting package.

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Building a Strong Business Foundation

Designed for businesses who would like professional assistance with reviewing their business foundation (financial, operational and tax compliance) to develop a strong platform for growth. Specific focus on people and business who would like to improve their “hands on” business management understanding.

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Financial Management for Non-Accountants

Designed for business owners and managers wanting a better understanding of financial basics, budget preparation, tax compliance and accounting practices.

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Pricing, Budgeting and Forecasting

Designed for businesses wanting to effectively set pricing and service levels to determine a “price point” that meets their desired revenue and profit goals. Learn how to create their own cashflow budget and use their budget information to improve their business performance.

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Employer Essentials

Designed for business owners and managers looking to understand employment relations and human resource practise and apply them directly to their own business.

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People Management

Designed for business owners and managers looking to learn the skills and techniques of how to motivate, lead and manage their team.

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Governance, Risk and Strategic Essentials

Ideally suited to those who are coming into governance roles and who need to learn more about their responsibilities and accountability.

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