• BDO & Davanti Consulting

BDO & Davanti Consulting

“BDO supported us above and beyond what I was expecting,” said Kris Bowie, Davanti’s Business Services Manager.

Davanti Consulting is a business and technology consultancy which focuses on customer engagement, digital enterprise architecture and mobility.

BDO partners with Davanti and Xero to keep their finances on track.

Kris Bowie believes that BDO was critical in helping them get set up on Xero and WorkflowMax, including providing training to everyone in the business.

“The answers to any of our random questions were answered quickly and even after-hours on some occasions. I had no doubt that BDO wanted our business to be a success as much as we did.”

Xero’s dashboards are critical for Kris’s daily work as they provide a quick overview of incomings and outgoings. In fact, Xero Touch is the first app Kris checks every morning.

Deep insight and customer engagement. Backed by BDO.

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